What we do- how we do it.

Khushi consists of two departments striving to reach as many of the local kids and young people of the local impoverished areas of Rishikesh. The departments work as a whole and is organised so that many of the programs can affect the same children from different angles.

After school program

Khushi's after-school program currently cares for a group of 150  children that attend the local government primary school. These children form a selected group of 1-5th class students who need extra attention. Children attending government schools usually come from impoverished backgrounds and due to their lack of resources they often suffer from malnutrition, medical problems and a lack of education.

As the government school classes have a high amount of students there is not enough space for individual attention, which results in a high drop-out rate and a lack of quality in what is taught.
Furthermore many of the parents of the children are not focused on or aware of the importance of education and therefore do not prioritise school and education above chores at home or work for the family.

An important part of the Khushi project is focused on furthering the formal education of the children: teaching Hindi, English, Mathematics and other Academic Skills.

Creativity and imagination is integrated in the teaching style of the program. The children sing, dance, act, draw, paint, read stories, make art and do sports, much of which is not a part of their everyday curriculum in the government school. In this way the goal is also to bring joy into their learning so that the children and their families see the immediate benefit of attending school and further education.

Vocational Center

The vocational center ranges from 6-12th class as well as older graduated students who are in waiting position for school, education or jobs. It is situated close to the government school and hosts a variety of courses during the day. Around 250 children and young people attend the courses here.

Supporting everyday life.

To improve the overall physical well-being of the children, every day a meal consisting of local healthy dishes and bread, milk, fruits and vitamins, is provided. In addition there are periodic medical check-ups by professional doctors, eye- and dental specialists. Also medicines and other general aids like glasses and remedies are provided to the children in need of this.

Besides day to day focus on health Khushi also arranges further reaching medical attention to give individual children a chance of a normal life uninhibited by disabilities.

In the past years several children have undergone minor and major surgeries.

We have helped and fully financed kids with severe heart problems to get the needed surgery in Delhi and one child has had spinal correction in Mangalore.

Also first aid and help at the local hospital with matters as bone fractures, cuts and bruises are supported and financed as possible by Khushi.

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Further improvements by Khushi:

Construction work

Khushi also provides facilities to the existing school, including such basics as fans, desks, lights, window shutters and more to improve the physical environment and surroundings for the students.

In 2003 and 2005 two completely new classrooms were built as the classrooms were reaching their limit. Khushi arranges for annual general maintenance of the school building to provide all children with a better school experience.

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary in November 2012, there has been done some major repairing and rebuilding. The old toilets were replaced by clean, new and practical toilets. Apart from the only water source at the school, a hand pump, taps and sinks have been arranged.

The entire school building is regularly checked and repaired, walls and floors equalized, whitewashed and painted.

We believe that by improving the facilities, teachers and students will be more motivated and soothed throughout their day in the school.

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Our Contact Details:

Project Manager

Mr. Kapil Dev Bisht
Mobile : +91-9997714068


Khushi Vocational Center
Laxmi Lodge-328, Sheesham Jhari
Muni-ki-Reti, Rishikesh-249137

Registered Office:

Khushi Charitable Society
Ashriwad Kunj
Laxman Jhula
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249302 India

Netherlands Office:

Stichting Khushi Kids Nederland,
Secretariaat Borneostraat 13
3742 DA Baarn
Telephone: +31-628164067