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Kushi exists on donations and sponsorships.. we cannot do this alone!

Kushi can only continue to provide a future for our children through individuals donating and sponsoring children and the financial contributors of organisations. 

In addition to education, the other elements of Kushi such as sponsoring external students, our shop and the craft workshop all need support.

There are also the medical bills and core salaries of local teachers to be paid.  School uniforms and school equipment need to be provided. 

And we have to feed hundreds of children everyday too. So you can see why we need all the financial help and all the volunteers we can get! 


For this to continue we invite you to join us and help provide a future for the impoverished children of Rishikesh. Even small donations will make a big difference in expanding this project to reach out to more underprivileged children and upgrade the amazing work we do here and expand our operation even further to help even more children! Click the donate button at the top or bottom of the page if you can help us, we make sure a little goes along way here at Khushi. If you would like to become invloved with fundrasing feel free to contact contact our project manger Mr. Kapil Dev Bisht 

Here's what your donations support: 


By sponsoring you help with continuous financial support to help the children from their primary education, into college and even university for some students. This would be out of their grasp without our help.  Our program puts an incentive in both the child and the parents to place more emphasis on a qualified education and personal development.

As long as the child continues to show a will to participate in their education, we will continue to support them in whatever way we can. In this way the child is more likely to stay on the educational path and be well informed of their possibilities.  Their families are more likely to support them through this process, leading to the blossoming of a child into a healthy, well educated young adult ready to make their mark on the world. 

To be eligible for scholarship with Khushi beyond primary school, the student must participate in at least one of the many extracurricular activities offered at our Skills Centre.The children will then continue to have access to the computer room, language classes and our library. Feel free to contact our project manger Mr. Kapil Dev Bisht if you have an interest in supporting a child. 

Sponsorship covers:


If you don’t wish to donate money maybe you could donate your time? 

Would you like to join our international volunteers to help us give a child a better future?  It could change your life and that of a child’s life for the better, forever.

Kushi does not charge any fees to volunteer with us like so many of the charity organizations you may find on the Internet. Whilst volunteers are expected to pay their own accommodation and food expenses, each volunteer is paid in kind with love and smiles from the children! Please see our volunteer page for more details and feel free to drop our project manager Mr. Kapil Dev Bisht an email if you any questions you would like to ask by email

Our details are as follows if you wish to contact us or donate by bank transfer

Please note that in general donations are deductible from revenue and income taxes. If you would like to receive a receipt of your donation we will provide you with one.

Khushi Charitable Society India

Khushi Charitable Society
Ashirwad Kunj, Laxman Jhula,
Rishikesh, 249302,
Uttarakhand, India
E-mail :
Account number : 156010100102780 (in India)
IFSC Code : UTIB0000156
Account number : 910010001901017 (foreign contributions)
Swift : AXISINBB093

In Europe

Stichting Khushi Kids Nederland
Nassaulaan 50
3743 CD Baarn
E-mail :
Account number : ING 658415395
Iban : NL95INGB0658415395



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Our Contact Details:

Project Manager

Mr. Kapil Dev Bisht
Mobile : +91-9997714068


Khushi Vocational Center
Laxmi Lodge-328, Sheesham Jhari
Muni-ki-Reti, Rishikesh-249137

Registered Office:

Khushi Charitable Society
Ashriwad Kunj
Laxman Jhula
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249302 India

Netherlands Office:

Stichting Khushi Kids Nederland,
Secretariaat Borneostraat 13
3742 DA Baarn
Telephone: +31-628164067